In an era where technology aims to simplify our lives, the abundance of choice can often lead to confusion rather than clarity. Garmin, a renowned name in the realm of smartwatches, seems to have fallen into this trap with their extensive product lineup, particularly in the running category. With a staggering 12 options to choose from, navigating through Garmin’s offerings can feel like running a marathon in itself. However, taking a cue from the visionary Steve Jobs and his approach to product simplicity at Apple, there’s a clear path forward for Garmin to streamline their smartwatch lineup and enhance user experience.

The Problem of Choice Overload

Garmin’s current plethora of options, while aiming to cater to diverse needs and preferences, ironically overwhelms consumers with decision fatigue. Each watch comes with its own set of features, specifications, and price points, making it challenging for users to pinpoint the perfect match for their requirements. This complexity not only hampers the buying process but also dilutes the brand’s message of innovation and efficiency.

Simplifying the Lineup: A Lesson from Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the late 1990s, he famously simplified the product lineup to focus on a few core offerings that catered to distinct customer segments. By reducing the clutter and emphasizing quality over quantity, Apple regained its competitive edge and established a stronger brand identity. Garmin can adopt a similar approach by categorizing their smartwatches into broader segments, each tailored to specific activities and user preferences.

Introducing Garmin’s Refined Smartwatch Categories


Entry-level: Garmin Forerunner 25
Simple yet effective, the Forerunner 25 offers essential running metrics without overwhelming users with unnecessary features. Available in vibrant colors to appeal to fitness enthusiasts.

Middle-level: Garmin Forerunner 245
Perfect for avid runners seeking advanced training analytics and performance insights. Comes in sleek, modern designs suitable for everyday wear.

High-end: Garmin Forerunner 945
Designed for serious athletes and marathoners, the Forerunner 945 boasts cutting-edge features for comprehensive training analysis and enhanced connectivity. Available in classic black and white options for a professional look.

Adventure/Trail Running

Entry-level: Garmin Instinct
Built to withstand rugged terrain and harsh conditions, the Instinct is a reliable companion for outdoor adventures. Offered in earthy tones for a rugged yet stylish appeal.

Middle-level: Garmin Fenix 6
A versatile multisport watch tailored for trail runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Combines advanced navigation features with robust fitness tracking capabilities. Available in bold, adventurous colors.

High-end: Garmin Enduro
Engineered for endurance athletes tackling ultra-distance races, the Enduro prioritizes battery life and durability. Features advanced performance metrics and specialized trail running functions. Offered in striking, visibility-enhancing colors.


Entry-level: Garmin Swim 2
Designed for recreational swimmers and fitness enthusiasts, the Swim 2 offers accurate swim tracking and basic smartwatch features. Available in vibrant hues for poolside style.

Middle-level: Garmin Forerunner 745
Ideal for triathletes and competitive swimmers, the Forerunner 745 delivers comprehensive swim metrics alongside advanced training analytics. Offered in sleek, water-resistant designs.

High-end: Garmin MARQ Athlete
Crafted for elite swimmers and water sports professionals, the MARQ Athlete combines luxury craftsmanship with high-performance swim tracking capabilities. Available in premium, refined finishes.


Entry-level: Garmin Descent Mk1
A reliable companion for recreational divers, the Descent Mk1 offers essential dive metrics and GPS tracking. Designed for underwater visibility with bold, dive-inspired color schemes.

Middle-level: Garmin Descent Mk2
Suitable for advanced divers and underwater explorers, the Descent Mk2 features advanced dive computer functions and surface GPS navigation. Offered in sophisticated, dive-ready designs.

High-end: Garmin Descent Mk2i
Engineered for professional divers and technical adventurers, the Descent Mk2i integrates air integration capabilities and specialized dive modes. Available in premium, rugged finishes for extreme underwater environments.


Entry-level: Garmin Approach S10
Perfect for casual golfers and beginners, the Approach S10 provides basic course data and shot tracking features. Offered in stylish, golf-inspired color combinations.

Middle-level: Garmin Approach S62
Tailored for avid golfers seeking advanced course mapping and performance analysis, the Approach S62 offers comprehensive golfing metrics and smartwatch functionalities. Available in refined, golf-centric designs.

High-end: Garmin Approach S40
Designed for serious golfers and tournament players, the Approach S40 combines premium materials with cutting-edge golfing features. Offered in elegant, luxury finishes for a sophisticated on-course look.


By adopting a simplified and streamlined approach to their smartwatch lineup, Garmin can enhance user experience, reduce decision fatigue, and strengthen brand identity. By categorizing watches based on activities and user preferences, Garmin can empower consumers to make informed choices without feeling overwhelmed by unnecessary options. Just as Steve Jobs revolutionised Apple’s product lineup, Garmin has the opportunity to redefine the smartwatch market and reaffirm its position as a leader in wearable technology.


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